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Arts 075: Graphic Design Imarieannalee

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Graphic Design I is the first in a series of 5 consecutive courses that are intended to provide the student with opportunities to develop their knowledge and skills in the competencies required for professional practice in the field of graphic design. In addition to skill development, opportunities are also provided to help students develop professional attitudes and practices that are required for success in achieving their career entry objectives. Starting with basic design problems, assignments build on concepts introduced in the BFA foundations courses. In addition to these design concepts, theories in communications and Gestalt psychology provide students with the opportunity to plan and execute successively more complex communication problems in GD I and also future design courses. GD I is intended to provide the foundation for effective and professional processes that are consistently developed around the general parameters of client need, target audience, design brief and graphic style.

This semester students will explore conceptual development, the full creative design process, project documentation, image generation and applied typography. Students can expect to receive four major projects in addition to a final project during the semester.



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Marie Lee
Arts Center, rm. 120

MTWTh 12–1pm
by appointment only


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Spring /2018
Arts Center 119
Jan 16–May 1

marie anna lee • associate professor • department of the visual arts • university of the pacific•