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marie a. hannigova
Assistant Professor

phone 209.946.7323
office Art Center 120

office hours
T/TH 4:00–6:00pm
by appointment only

Marie's web site


Assignment for Dec 10
Revise Non-linear Narrative based on feedback
Hand in all required materials

In class week 16, Thursday, Dec 10
Non-linear Narrative Due

Format of the critique:
Present your project in front of the class. Among other things please address:

  • Concept
  • Visual direction and how it relates to concept
  • Color, typography, layout, design elements/illustration choices
  • Navigation within the site from the menu and modules to other parts of the site
  • You can also talk about where you would want to take your idea, how to exten your concept to the rest of the modules...
  • You can ask questions.
  • Anything else that will help you to "sell" your design

The jury and your classmates will then give you some feedback.

Please turn in your digital files >
within a folder in your name please submit:

  • folder with your final project swf, sound, attached video (and html if you published as html)
  • folder with the .fla files (highly recommended)
  • any process that you have
  • grade sheet and sketches from animation assignment for higher grade consideration


marie a. hannigova • assistant professor • department of the arts • university of the pacific• mhannigova@pacific.edu