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Arts 171: Graphic Design IIImarieannalee

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As the third course in the Graphic Design curriculum sequence, Graphic Design III builds upon the concepts introduced in Graphic Design I and II. Acceptance into GD III requires completion of GD II and all relevant portfolio requirements established by the overall GD program.  Students will further examine typography and forms of image making for specific design applications. GD III assignments expand upon the theories of two-dimensional graphic design, visual identity branding and theme development into the areas of packaging, installation and environmental design. Model-making, interpretive signage, the object as graphic symbol, and control of three-dimensional space as a means of graphic communication will be explored. Skill in conceptual development and technically accurate representation are equally emphasized with increasingly more multi-part and complex design problems. Course study will include historical examples of style as reference points to developing meaningful contemporary design.

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Marie Lee
Arts Center, rm. 120

MTWTh 12–1pm
by appointment only


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Spring /2017
Arts Center 119
Jan 16 – May 1


marie anna lee • assistant professor • department of the visual arts • university of the pacific•