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Arts 175: Senior Graphic Design Seminarmarieannalee

As the culminating capstone course in the Graphic Design curriculum, SENIOR GRAPHIC DESIGN SEMINAR is a comprehensive design course allowing students the opportunity to apply the combined understanding gained from earlier courses and projects to more fully realized work.

“Fine-tuning” will allow students to re-work earlier select pieces to the level of professional presentation quality. This may include finalizing their undergraduate research project from the fall semester. Analysis of design strengths and weaknesses and personal interests will direct each student’s individual work. The class is intended to increase and focus the student’s skills in research, problem identification, planning and execution of multi-faceted levels of visual information and meaning. The complexity and scope of these projects will challenge the student to expand his/her abilities of creating visual form with integrity and meaning.

Students will then have the opportunity to develop their work into a comprehensive presentation portfolio for application to either graduate school or employment in the field of graphic design. At this point the portfolio must consist of no fewer than 10 pieces (not including a series or system). You will develop a portfolio book that tells your story, presents your work, process and thinking as well as shows off your design skills. Exploration of portfolio presentation options (the form) will be examined in addition to the development of related collateral such as a resume and self-promotion materials.

Professional business practices, organizations, and related design issues are examples of topics for ongoing class discussion. These discussions will be supplemented by additional readings. Participation in regional and national design shows will be explored. Exhibition of student work to the campus community will occur in collaboration with senior Fine Arts majors in the annual spring art/design show held in the Art Department gallery

Students will arrange and participate in a minimum of two “Informational Interviews” with reputable design firms as a means of gaining further insight into the world of professional design practice. In addition, students will participate in a Portfolio Review conducted by a panel of design professionals. This is viewed by the program as the pinnacle event in the study.


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Marie Lee
Arts Center, rm. 120

MTWTh 12–1pm
by appointment only


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Spring /2017
Arts Center 109
Jan 16–May 1

marie anna lee • assistant professor • department of the visual arts • university of the pacific•