Products Made in Dimen Cooperative



Singing Hands in Dimen

In collaboration with Lee and the Dimen Dong Eco Museum, local artisans have started developing products that can be sold locally, in China and abroad under the label Singing Hands. Following the fair trade model, all profits go directly to the artisans who decide how to invest them in their community.

Rooted in local aesthetics, the products merge contemporary design with tradition. They are hand- crafted from local materials with utmost care, each piece getting an individualized treatment by the artisan as she reflects on the unique properties of the material. The fabric is handmade on a traditio-nal wooden loom and then hand-dyed with local plants following the traditional and often time-consuming procedures that have been passed down from mother to daughter for centuries.

As a result of the weaving and dyeing process, the fabric is very strong and durable. A subtle fragrance of herbs lingers in the fibers. As part of their tradition, the artisans use local sources, and reuse and recycle materials whenever possible.

The local artisans will eventually make sustainable living in the village as opposed to working on faraway factories, and at the same time retain their local identity in the increasingly global environment.

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Early prototypes developed by Marie Lee based on Dimen motifs, traditional shoes and bags worn by local girls



Early prototypes developed by Dimen artisan Wu Mengxi. Joyce Huang from the Museum and Lee worked with Wu to refine and finish the prototypes.



Actual products made by Dimen cooperative that re being sold at several test markets in the USA

Christmas Tree Ornament/Decoration






Fold-Over Bag



Flower-Belt Messenger Bag


Embroidered Multi-Purpose Bag



Flower Multi-Purpose Bag


Shoping Tote



Blank Greeting Cards