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Incisions of the Subconscious Series

Incisions of the Subconscious focus on the process of aging and mortality by tracing age lines that the author finds in the cracks and crevices of natural and man-made objects. Dry landscapes, dusty stones and rusty objects are transformed by light that creeps through the delicate incisions in the paper. Whether graceful or harsh, the lines highlight and augment the natural beauty of the objects. Light spills out through the cracks into the outer space to hint on the qualities hidden on the inside.

Earth Dreams / Gallery of Castolovice Château Gallery
EarthDreams contemplates the natural beauties of three continents that I consider home: Europe, Asia and North America. Dirt, rocks, rusty objects, tree bark and statues receive a new life through surgical incisions that allow light to shine through. The light overflows the inner space of the objects and spills into the viewer’s world. The cuts, sometimes poetic, and at other times merciless, underline the beauty of the objects and while at the same time sketch out likenesses borrowed from this world as well as the one of fantasy. Descriptive titles that suggest the location of the original photograph bring the viewer back into reality. Some of the photographs come from the château’s grounds and the viewers can visit the original location to compare their reality to mine. I exhibited ten large-scale wall pieces and fourteen lamps.









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Incisions of the Subconsceous
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