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Shatin Dream Series

I had a dream recently. I was walking somewhere in Shatin. How I knew this is beyond the point, I cannot explain it now. Everything was still as if the time stopped. The buildings, tall and slim were towering in the background. All the windows were black and gave the buildings a deserted feel.

I was about to turn around when a reflection caught my eye. I went on to investigate and suddenly all the windows seemed to emanate this unexpected warmth. I was attracted like a moth to the light. At this time I was running and I almost hit one of the buildings full force.

The building seemed to have shrunk. As I bent down to look inside one of the windows, I saw myself. In fact, I saw myself thousand of times. The buildings seemed to come alive with my every move. We danced together as the stars came up. They were no longer lifeless strangers. I felt I was part of them and they part of me.

I woke up and looked out only to see the same buildings. They were no longer lifeless piles of concrete to me.




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