Interdisciplinary Collaboration

Hydraulic Metaphor Interactive Model
Client: Dennis O. Flynn, Economis, University of the Pacific, 2010–present

Professor Dennis Flynn (COP Economics) developed an innovative economics theory using a hydraulic press metaphor to understand the movement of goods through the supply chain. In collaboration with him, I designed a complex interactive model to visualize its function. The model can be used to explain historical events as well as predict future movement of goods.

Professor Flynn has been using this model as an alternative to s upply and demand curves in his classes since it is intuitive and easier to understand than the static supply and demand curves. He has also used the model to explain movement of silver, textiles and other goods around the world in the past five hundred years. He has presented our work several international conferences workshops and the response has been very positive.


Screen shots of the interactive model



iPad App of the interactive model


Project website with dynamic and static models, publications and additional resourc

Website gives students and broader academic community convenient access
to in-depth analysis of the model, and provides references to other scholarly works.


Static figures of the model illustrating specific historical events

An interactive app brings the model to iOS and Android devices and allows users to interact with the model via their phone or tablet



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