Kam Women Artisans of China, Dawn of the Butterflies Published
My book on Kam artisans has been published by Cambridge Scholars Publishing. The book is available at the publisher's page
or on Amazon.

Through everyday activities, lessons in craft, folk stories and songs, the women I apprenticed with weave a patchwork of Kam culture and reveal its hidden treasures in fibers, textiles, papermaking as well as ethnography, anthropology, and Sinology.

The 290-page book contains my 64 technical illustrations and countless original photographs. I also laid out the book following the publisher’s requirements.

January – February 2018
Dawn of the Butterflies Exhibition at University of the Pacific's Reynold's Gallery, book launch and lecture
The solo exhibition featured artifacts, photographs, illustrations and book layouts from my Kam Women Artisans of China manuscript. I talked about starting and implementing a community-based project during my lecture.

Selected Past events

February 2018, March, October, December 2017, March, October, December 2016, October, December 2015  

Fall 2015
Singing Hands website launches
Visit the website to learn more about what Pacific students and Kam artisans do.

Spring 2015
Singing Hands Cooperative and Student Agency is founded
I founded a women's cooperative for disadvanteged Kam minority artisans I worked with earlier in Dimen village in China. Through the student agency, Pacific art and design students and I help the artisans from Chinese Kam minority to combine contemporary design with traditional crafts, techniques and aesthetics.

The project provides the artisans with sustainable living wages, builds their local identity and helps preserve the Kam cultural heritage. All profits support their community. Pacific students, who run the agency, in turn get practical experience in cross-cultural and inter-disciplinary collaboration, sustainability business and marketing, applied arts and design.

June 2014
Smithsonian Folklife Festival, Washington, DC
I oversaw Kam artisans teach the public to screen print their village motifs on paper made in Dimen

May 2014
Screen printing workshops for adults and children in Dimen, China
Thirty children attended two workshops and they enjoyed themselves so much we spent amost two hours printing rather than one each time. Printing their village motifs, they learned about their heritage through the workshops.The Dimen museum staff participad in separate workshops where they learned the entire process from start to finish, drew their own designs and then developed artifacts with screen-printed motifs
March 2014
2014 Structures for Inclusion Conference, the Parsons New School for Design, New York, NY
Luncha Kutcha presentation

Spring 2014
2014 SEED Excellence in Public Interest Design Award, Honorable Mention
Kam Minority Heritage Project that I lead received the 2014 SEED (Social Economic Environmental Design) honorable mention award for excellence in Public Interest Design.

Fall 2013
Check out the website for Re:Dimen project and watch some short documentary movies in the movies section!

August, 2013
Place, Space, and Time: Asian Hinterlands and Political Economic Development in the Long Eighteenth Century edited by Tsukasa Mizushima, George Bryan Souza, and Dennis O. Flynn (Brill, 2014)
Cover Illustration

Metamorphosis of Politics: 19th Century Monuments in Czech, Czech National Gallery and the City of Prague Archive, Clam-Gallas Palace, Prague, Czech Republic, 9/2013–1/2014
Designed visual identity, poster and catalog cover